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Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance
Please note that some of our roads will be under construction forthe next couple of weeks we apologize for the inconvenience but they are in high need of repair; the roads are as follow 16th Ave from Circle K to Harborview Dr, Vienna Rd N of intersection at 16th Ave and 18th Ave at Pleasant Ave. 

Brush/Green Waste Pick Up
Please note that during the fall we will continue to pick up leaves until either the leaves are all gone or the snow falls

Brush/Green Waste pick up Monday, April 23,2018 please have piles to side of road prior to April 23rd.  Please remember no metal, cut lumber, construction material or garbage. Branches need to be less than 8' long

Brush/Green Waste pickup will be on the 3rd Monday of each month.  Please have your piles out before Monday.  If we missed you during a normal pickup, we will get it during the next pickup.

You are also welcome to bring your brush/green waste to the DPW yourself.

If you hire a contractor for any landscaping, they must take away the brush/green waste.


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