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Codes Enforcement


Codes Enforcement

Contact: John Porter

808 Marina Dr
PO Box 508
Sylvan Beach, NY 13157

Phone: 315-762-4844

Fax: 315-762-4047



Cause any plans, buildings or premises to be examined or inspected to determine compliance with the provisions of chapter 136.  In the fulfillment of these duties, he or she shall be authorized to enter any premises or building at a reasonable time and upon reasonable notice to determine whether or not the same is in violation of chapter 136 and may impose such reasonable conditions as may be deemed necessary to ensure compliance, including but not limited to the posting of securities.


Provide the Zoning Board of Appeals, in writing, with all facts pertaining to the refusal to issue development permits and certificates when such information is requested by the Board; for denied development permits profile, in writing, the specific reasons for denial and instruct the applicant on the proper methods to apply for relief.


Review all building applications for approval or denial, review all vendors permit applications for the Village Board with recommendations, review all properties within in the village limits for any New York State Property Maintenance Violation Issues and to notify property owners of such. 

Hours of Operation:

Mondays, and Thursdays from 10:30 am until 3:00 pm


Village of Sylvan Beach Codes

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