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Green Waste Street Pickup


Green Waste Street Pickup


Street pickup has begun and will continue with the 3rd Monday of each month.  Once they have gone through your street any new piles will be picked up with the next round.

All green waste material must be placed next to the street on your property by the 3rd Monday morning of each month.  It is illegal to place items in a right-of-way or public park.  


Pickup is limited to items that either fall off a tree or grow from the ground; we are not allowed to take construction debris, tires or other non-organic items or any animal waste.  Contact your garbage hauler for these items.


Yard waste can be taken to the DPW garage; call 762-4844 to arrange your drop off.


Limbs/branches should be cut no longer than six feet.


Leaves/clippings can be placed in a clear garbage bag(s) however, the bags will be emptied  and will be left on your property; opaque bags are considered as garbage and not yard waste.  Please do not put animal waste in a garbage bag.  You may also cover with a tarp that the crew will also leave in your yard.


If you pay someone to cut down or trim a tree, the contractor must remove the debris.  Tree contractors can do this more efficiently and more timely than the village crew.


The village crew will not remove any branches/leaves or other waste from vacant land.  If you are clearing land, you are responsible for hauling away the debris.

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